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After over two years of research and testing, we are proud to present “HAZIBAG“. The Ultimate FIBC.

Hazibag is a new Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container tested and approved under UN recommendations for the transport and containment of “Packing Group III” Solid Dangerous Goods. Hazibag is certified and approved by a NATA accredited testing facility, carries the CE conformity marking, and it is being built by an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer.

The new way to pack, transport and dispose of asbestos. Hazibag is the SAFE alternative to the current procedure of wrapping and transporting asbestos after its removal. Once the Asbestos has been placed inside the Hazibag it is fully contained. No chance for accidental exposure for anyone around. One other key feature of Hazibag is that it eliminates the need to use a steel container bin for transport. Hazibag can be placed directly on the collection vehicle to be transported to the landfill.

But, even though Hazibag was created with Asbestos in mind, its final certification makes Hazibag suitable for a variety of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Wastes. For more information click here.


Hazibag Products

  • "De-Con" Hazibag

  • Handy Hazibag

    Handy Hazibag

  • Small Hazibag

    Small Hazibag

  • Medium Hazibag

    Medium Hazibag

  • Large Hazibag

    Large Hazibag

  • Hazibag Frame

    Hazibag Frame