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Advantages of Hazibag Products

Transport Company

  1. Ability to send out via a courier reducing running costs
  2. Having a small bag for smaller jobs that do not require a bin
  3. Able to carry the bags in the cab and supply to jobs where construction waste is involved so asbestos can be sorted from other waste on the job site
  4. When unloading at landfill, no more asbestos exposure to driver or anyone else on site
  5. Able to be stored also reducing running costs
  6. More landfills will accept asbestos because no more exposure to them


  1. No more exposure to staff or other customers on site
  2. Now able to accept asbestos and gain revenue from it
  3. Maybe reduce their insurance cost and liability
  4. Contained in Hazibags it is always identifiable if dug up at a later date
  5. Landfills could now become a retailer of Hazibag

Abatement Companies

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Able to carry in the back of their vehicles without waiting for bins
  • Able to carry inside to a job
  • No need to double wrap
  • Overnight the Hazibag can be sealed up and reopened the next day
  • Can keep onsite for an unlimited amount of time
  • Time saving

Asbestos Awareness Groups

  1. Hazibag saves lives by reducing exposure
  2. Its an education system
  3. Being more affordable, people tend to do the right thing

DIY People

  1. DIY kit is an affordable and safer way for the home owner to remove Asbestos
  2. It educates and provides the safety equipment
  3. An alternative option to sometimes the unaffordable cost of a professional

Hazibag Products

  • "De-Con" Hazibag

  • Handy Hazibag

    Handy Hazibag

  • Small Hazibag

    Small Hazibag

  • Medium Hazibag

    Medium Hazibag

  • Large Hazibag

    Large Hazibag

  • Hazibag Frame

    Hazibag Frame